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Tejas Yoga Eastlake

Origin of naming Tejas Yoga and Wellness

Tejas (Pronounced “tay-jus”) is the cosmic intelligence, cosmic radiance, cosmic light, and cosmic heat. It is the light within the life force. The word  Tejas means “one that has brilliance in the form of intelligence, heat, and light.” Every fragment and fiber of creativity is soaked in Tejas and is of a particular color, shape, form, size, and temperature because of the innate intelligence in the microfiber of the cosmos.

Tejas perfectly represents the members and the community of Eastlake and Chula Vista.

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Yoga and wellness studio with a mission to provide services for lasting physical and spiritual health. In addition to traditional yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, and Hot Yoga, Tejas Yoga and Wellness offers NIA (dance), Kundalini, Yoga Therapy, and energy healing.