Live Music & Yin Yoga W/ Marysol Sanchez

Tejas Yoga & Wellness 2334 Proctor Valley Rd #101, Chula Vista, CA, United States

Join Marysol and Alec for this lighthearted offering of Live Music & Yin Yoga. They will create a space for us to get back to our center through a meditative state of mind, exploring the body with a Yin Yoga sequence that will help us release tension and shift the nervous system into the parasympathetic state; encouraging the rest and digest functions as well as activating the healing processes of the body. As we pair it with music we will allow the healing vibrations to take us into a journey of deep connection with the self, promoting harmony and balance. Inviting inspiration and a sense of gratitude in our hearts and souls.


Silent Yoga At The Bay

Crown Point North Park - Mission Bay

Silent Yoga At The Bay is a special morning *silent* yoga session planned for our Notre Dame Family. We invite students, parents, and all alumni and friends to join us! The event is open to everyone. Tejas Yoga and Wellness in Chula Vista has agreed to co-sponsor this event. Silent yoga? We provide headphones that […]


50 Hour Rocket Yoga Teacher Training

Tejas Yoga & Wellness 2334 Proctor Valley Rd #101, Chula Vista, CA, United States

50 Hour Rocket Teacher Training Friday-Sunday 2 weeks: June 30th - July 2nd & July 7th - 9th Friday 5-8pm Saturday 9-5pm Sunday 9-5pm Tuition: $989 (5% cash discount)   Course curriculum includes: • Breaking down Rocket sequences 1, 2, and 3. • Learn the roots of the Rocket Practice (Ashtanga yoga methodology) • Get […]