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This page is for community members to offer recomendations and sugguestions. Likewise you can vote for others sugguestions as well. As the sugguestions increase we will update the sugguestions with a status (eg. planned, started, under review, completed, declined). To make a sugguestion you will need to create an account.

2 votes

Kundalini! ❤️

Would love to have Kundalini offered on the schedule. We need it in this community!

Planned 1 comment
1 vote

Classes for Seniors

Instead of just prenatal add and promote classes for seniors. It’s a missed market in yoga

Under Review 2 comments
4 votes

Ashtanga Yoga

Understandably it would be harder to find an ashtanga teacher…it would be nice to see it added to the schedule at some point in the future.

Started 2 comments
1 vote

Offer easier fitness classes

We’ve heard from members they would like the option for easier classes. If anyone would like harder classes, comment below and let us know.

Under Review 0 comments
3 votes

Keep fitness classes

We’ve heard from many member they want to keep the existing fitness classes.

Planned 0 comments
4 votes

Mid Day Classes

Please bring back classes in the middle of the day.

Under Review 1 comment

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